When I committed suicide, the creator of the universe, some call him God but hedoesn’t like this, gave me two options: Burning in hell or helping those people whoare planning to kill themselves. I chose the first one since I don’t want to bear theuncertainty anymore. The hell is simple, you have nothing to think about it but helpingothers? Who? How? How long?All I wanted was just melting the iceberg in my mind, which caused me to end mylife and hell was the best place for it. Yet, the creator did not accept my answer. Hesaid “If you select the first option, we cannot tell a story to the people.” and I replied as“Is it really necessary? I mean telling a story?” He stared at me with a sardonic look. “Ofcourse it is. I am working on a new book.” I was hopeless and the worst part of this, Icouldn’t hang myself to get rid of this situation because I did it once.