Feedback on my flash fiction story would be much appreciated before I submit it for a class :)Eggs and ToastBy six-thirty in the morning, the high-pitched scream of the tea kettle broke the silence of dawn. Isabelle was startled by the noise, and the weight of her heavy eyelids made her vision blur. She peered into the dim yellow light emitting from the kitchen as her head rested on her pillow. It was always in the first few moments of a new day that she thought she may still be dreaming. She used to dream often as a child. Yet, those trance-like moments, winding through lucid dreams, had since stopped.There was still over an hour until her alarm was set to go off. Isabelle debated staying in bed until then. By then, Charlie would be scrambling for his car keys with a necktie halfway knotted around his collar and a briefcase clutched in his hand, harboring an air of desperation. They would only have to see each other for a few brief moments as Isabelle walked to the bathroom to wash her face. She closed her eyes, hoping Charlie’s rustling would be muted by the darkness. But, the thin walls, and the fact that Charlie had left the bedroom door halfway open kept her from falling back asleep.The German Shepherd trotted into the darkness from outside the bedroom door, and rested his snout on the edge of the mattress. He inched his wet porous nose towards Isabelle’s muted gaze. The face of love. He dug his claws into the wooden floorboard. Charlie never remembered to feed him.Reluctantly, Isabelle got up. She smoothed her hair down as she walked towards the kitchen, the dog nudging her legs along. Charlie didn’t notice her immediately, so she took a few moments to stand behind him in the doorway in the dim silhouette of his shadow. She thought about going back to bed, but a creak in the floorboard gave her away. He turned away from his cooking and craned his neck to look back at her.“What are you doing up?” he asked.“I couldn’t sleep. The light and the noise… from the kettle. And the dog.”“Sorry, I forgot. It’s still early.”Silence filled the few feet of black and white tiles between them, until the sizzling of the frying pan recaptured Charlie’s attention.“Let me finish making your breakfast,” Isabelle insisted, lightly grazing her hand on the side of his arm. “You can finish getting ready, and we can sit down at the table together for a few minutes before you have to go.”“You sure?”“Positive.”Charlie half nodded, and laid the spatula flat on the countertop. He never remembered to put it on the spoon rest, even though Isabelle had asked him to remember dozens of times. She bought it for this very reason, since she found herself constantly wiping grease residue on the marble surface that the spatula had left behind. For the sake of the early hour, and the fact that her eyelids were still heavy, she didn’t comment on the matter. Instead, she flipped the eggs and put two pieces of bread in the toaster. There was a bit of leftover hot water in the kettle, so she made herself some tea.As she waited for the toast, Isabelle turned to open the refrigerator for milk. The stainless steel door was riddled with colorful magnets which held up a meticulously arranged array of photos. She had organized them into an aesthetic collage when they first purchased the house years ago. Staring at the purposeful symmetry, she wondered who she really constructed these photos for. One of their wedding photos was plastered as a centerpiece in the exhibit. The couple had paid a photographer hundreds of dollars to position their arms in an embrace with their eyes locked in a flowery field. Charlie didn’t understand the reason for the photoshoot, and they argued the entire car ride there. Isabelle looked at the photo, remembering that it was one of the last ones they took that day. The corners of her mouth strained from hours of smiling, and she wasn’t sure if she looked happy at all.By now, it was seven. Sunlight began to filter through the window above the kitchen sink. Isabelle had just finished making breakfast. Fried eggs and toast with black coffee for Charlie, and tea for herself.She set the table with the two plates adjacent to one another. Again, she smoothed her hair and sat to wait. Charlie emerged from the doorway moments later, his tie still hanging loose around his neck. His eyes darted, as if he were about to rush out of the door. He noticed Isabelle sitting, and remembered their agreement. He sat down beside her.Years before, they sat in these same chairs drinking champagne on the first night they moved into the house. They drank and laughed because they were young and finally owned something of their own. They justified the mortgage with needing to have a house, a real home, for their family. Isabelle had said they could add extensions to it if they needed more space for future kids.Isabelle looked up at Charlie, who was looking down at his breakfast. “The toast is a bit burnt,” he noted.“Sorry,” Isabelle said. “I have an appointment today.”“For?” Charlie asked.“It’s with a fertility doctor. I want to see if IVF is an option for us.”“Isabelle, it’s too early for this discussion,” Charlie insisted. He took a loud gulp from his coffee mug and set it down.“I have to go. I’ll be home late.”Charlie left and Isabelle sat alone. It was seven-fifteen in the morning. The dull moon still lingered in the morning sky. Sunlight poured in through the kitchen window, making every surface in the kitchen glimmer. Isabelle got up and opened a pantry that she had stowed a pack of cigarettes in many months prior, when she first quit smoking. She ignited the gas stove and burned the tip of the cigarette until it smoked. As she went to sit back down, the sunlight reflected off of the countertop and stung her eyes shut. She went to close the curtains, but stopped to look out the window at the shivering trees swaying in the February wind. She stood there for some time smoking, watching the smoke mix with the illuminated dust suspended in the air. She went to walk away after her cigarette began to crumble. She looked up at the sky once more and saw that the sun had burnt away the moon.