Voldemort felt the prickle of fear for the first time in decades while looking at a small, unassuming TV screen.It was the best thing his followers could get on such short notice, taken from the crumbling dwelling of a filthy mudblood and her progeny. The man at the other side of the line he held to his ear had been oddly patient while they – with the aid of an Imperiused man – had set up the thing and put it on the specified air channel. It wasn’t the apparatus itself which made his soulless being shudder, no, it was the pictured depicted on it.Magician households as old as Malfoy Mannor had many spells woven into the structure in order to protect and hide the place from prying eyes, whether magical or muggle. It didn’t appear on maps and electronic objects were scrambled all around it, as though a protective bubble covered it not even planes would fly over the area. Yet here there was in front of him, in a tiny and brightly coloured screen, the familiar air view of his base of operations – in real-time, as he could see his Deatheaters executing the blood traitors just as he had ordered them to a few precious minutes ago, their screams reached his ears in a pleasant cacophony that was almost perfectly in line with what he was seeing.”Tom Marvolo Riddle,” the voice in the receiver caught his attention back from the TV, the man sounding cold and hard, “for the death of many a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the terrorist acts perpetrated against the Queen and her People, you and your people are hereby deemed Enemies of the State and sentenced to death.”The call cut and he felt his anger rise before his attention was commanded by the screen once again, where voices were finally heard.”Dragons 2, 3 and 5, open fire on the target. I repeat, open fire on the target.” It was the same voice that had been speaking to him before.A few small specs of grey, strange planes appeared on the sky above the mansion. They moved incredibly fast, like a snitch in the field, and they approached their base as though they could see through the barriers and illusions.”Received base. Opening fire on the target.” Answered another, different voice, seconds before something flew from one of those planes.Voldemort’s head turned away when he felt the hit against the barriers, shaking the foundations of the house and making dust fall from the ceiling. Seconds after, another strong hit made the very ground tremble. He barely had time to look out of the window to the what seemed like a shooting star approaching, directly at the Mannor, unhindered by any of the spells his followers threw its way or by the decimated barriers. It hit just above him and made the world explode into an inferno of light and fire and dust.The mind of the Dark Lord, in that last instant of existence, was blank of everything but of one insidious thought – just what the hell had that been?!