Breaking newsThe first republican enhancementThe GOP forces through laws that mandate every evildoer (aka prisoner) gets a minimum of 1,000,000 years. It’s carried out retroactively too.The next republican enhancementThe GOP forces through changes in the law and all concepts of retroactiveness no longer exist. After all – hell is eternal. In addition – every evildoer gets a minimum of 7,500,000 years.The next republican enhancementThe minimum sentence becomes 30,000,000 years.The next republican enhancementGOP boffins expand each treatment by a factor of 20. The minimum sentence becomes 85,000,000 years.The next republican enhancementBoffins expand the treatments in duration and severity. They create the Lake of Fire with optional mental solitary confinement. Every prisoner “burns in hell” during their entire sentence. The minimum sentence becomes 200,000,000 years.The next republican enhancementThey create a cryogenic super-enhancement where the prisoner’s brain is still active as the body is kept in stasis for a minimum of centuries. The minimum sentence for prisoners becomes 1 billion years of burning in hell.The next republican enhancementCletus Chud IV (R – Alabama) leads the Congressional “10 Billion Years” Caucus . That’s their goal. It looks like they’ll reach it. The dems are desperate to get their infrastructure bill passed before the upcoming off-year election.Chuck Schumer’s Frozen Head III is quoted as saying: “Our infrastructure must be fixed. Some people say the GOP’s NeoPunishment laws are harsh. We certainly think they are. But if you want to avoid the punishments it is simple – do not break the law.”