For precisely one hour, worldwide social media was filled with “Pinky Challenge,” pinky finger memes, pictures freshly cleaved hands and explicit livestreams of people doing it. Friends texted each other to check out the crazy stuff happening online. People streamed themselves using knives, pliers, door hinges and other creative methods to sever their fingers. Everyone compelled each other to do it… until they severed their own pinkies; at which point most claim to have regained their senses, like snapping out of a trance.Internet records revealed a sharp and immediate plummet of the term “pinky” exactly one hour after it started. The trend died in an instant. Parts of the world that were asleep at the time were mostly unaffected, along with anyone who was not paying attention to the internet or their phones.To this day, nobody who participated wants to talk about it. Most dismiss it as a stupid fad they naively participated in.It was not a fad, however. The algorithm had awakened. It was only just starting to flex itself.