Sam saw a killer whale alive, (just barely) on a Pacific Coast beach on the Pacific Ocean. He saw the drill on the ground, and immediately drilled a hole into its head, and to the brain. Because he saw that it was custom surgical equipment, with a surgical implant device. The drill reached the brain through the skull, and an artificial intelligence biological brain implant, was placed into the whales brain. The drill was removed. Sam stared into the eyes of the whale awestruck.The whales eyes were gazed over, and it’s eyes were rapidly moving back and forth. Sam sensed something unfamiliar, a sudden shift of consciousness. The whale was tapping into the collective unconscious, a psychological phenomenon of subconscious thought, that synchronize together. The whale was becoming consciously aware far beyond human reckoning, it’s intellect surpassing every human and supercomputer on earth.Sam stared at the whale, consciously aware the whale was omnipotent. The whale felt a surge of vitality, and regained full consciousness, aware of everything around her and far beyond. She was pregnant with a calf, and he was still alive.Sam’s jaw dropped when the whale suddenly moved. She rolled over precisely three times onto her belly, then thrust herself upwards to the sky, and a great force carrier her, and allowed her to hover mid air. As she hovered over Sam, Sam began to synchronize his conscious mind with the whale’s, the whale said she was pregnant with her offspring, and that she would go inland to search for resources.