On the 12th November 2022, my daughter and I lit the last candle as dusk settled over the idyllic village of Redbury. We spoke maybe a dozen words between us the whole trip. Kiera was older now, well into her teenage years, but the inevitable angst of her age was not the reason for the silence. It had been ten years on this day.The previous candle was lit three years earlier. It smelled of “Midnight Dreams”, which seemed, to me, suspiciously similar to cinnamon. My daughter and I bathed in the scent as The Police played in the background on the old record player.We lit the Oatmeal Cookie candle on the anniversary of Molly’s death. Kiera and I both cried, and neither of us knew that it would eventually get easier.They wouldn’t let us light the Chamomile Tea candle in the hospital, so Molly and I sat on a bench outside, watching cars shoot by on the busy road in front of us, pretending the ‘whooshes’ were waves crashing against that beautiful beach we’d laid on all those years ago.We lit the Vanilla Cupcake on Kiera’s first birthday. The twelve month old didn’t appreciate it like we thought she might.Green Apple was lit when we moved in to the first flat that we ever truly owned. It sat on the floor next to the mattress and we read local takeaway menus, trying to make the painstaking decision of which to call.Molly used the Honey and Clementine candle over several nights on our honeymoon. We sat, cocktails in hand, watching the waves crash against the shore.On 11th November 1997, I scoured Molly’s home town of Redbury to find just one more gift for her birthday. In a small, local trade shop, I spotted a selection of scented candles, which I wrapped in red and white polka dot paper. The next day, watching the sunset, Molly unwrapped the candles, a Police record, that black top she liked, and an engagement ring. She lit the Cherry Blossom candle and agreed to marry me.——Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, then please join me over at r/ReyMorfin where I regularly posts new stories and the latest chapters in ongoing web serials.