AzhagAzhag was born into darkness. He is the product of an occult ritual, beget of dark magic and nurtured by the malevolent entities of Chaos. His human mother was captured during an Orc incursion into the lands of men led by the Warboss Malagor. Malagor sensed her latent magical abilities and decided she would make an excellent vessel for his foul experiments. He wanted to infuse the raw stuff of Chaos into a living being in order to birth a successor. After the raiding party had slaughtered every human in the village he went through with the ritual, sacrificing the captured vessel and so born was Azhag.Azhag is Half-Orc. Standing just over 6’3 and lean like a human soldier, but with the bulk and strength so common with his orc ancestry. Azhag was raised by Malagor as his Warlock apprentice and quickly earned a reputation as a cunning and powerful member of the clan. In battle Azhag would relish the butchery and violence of killing, often losing himself in the bloodshed. It did not matter where the blood came from as long as it was spilt. His penchant for murder earned him the title, The Slaughterer. More intelligent than the other orcs in the clan he was able to manipulate and deceive his way into favor with many of the more powerful leaders of the clan. Malagor kept a watchful eye on his young apprentice as Malagor knew that a time would come when Azhag would seek to overthrow him and take his place as leader of the clan. Malagor had become paranoid and fearful of his young apprentice. He could sense the power in Azhag and knew his time as Warboss was coming to an end. In a desperate bid to retain his position in the clan he hatched a plan. He would trick Azhag into performing a ritual which would ultimately consume him. Malagor set about his machinations and prepared.The ritual was to summon a greater demon from the warp and in doing so it would consume Azhag. As they gathered around the summoning circle and began, foul magics gathered around them. Malagor focused all his energies into the summoning while Azhag become a conduit for the dark energy. As the chanting reached its crescendo and energies swirled around like a tempest, Azhags eyes burned red with power. Malagor smashed his staff into the ground and uttered the demons name in order to seal the dark pact. Azhag was blown across the circle and lay on the ground, seemingly dead. Malagor chuckled to himself and slowly walked over to Azhag. As Malagor looked over his apprentice laying prone on the ground he continued to chuckle and prodded the apprentice. He was pleased and began to turn, content that the ritual failed and the attempted summoning killed his apprentice.As Malagor walked away Azhag stirred. His eyes opened wide and blazed with warp fire. He stood and reached out with his hand, uttering a word of power and drawing upon the dark magic. He blasted his mentor square in the back launching Malagor into a nearby hovel. Enraged Azhag turned his power against the gathered acolytes and clan members of the orc war party. Leveling all around him until he lost himself in the red rage. When he was finished with the slaughter Azhag retreated into the dark woods, laughing maniacally to himself. The laughter was uncontrollable, wracking Azhag until he fell to his knees. Azhag screamed as he felt an entity within, ancient and filled with malice. Azhag tried to rise, but stumbled again, his body wracked in convulsions. He screamed until he could no longer breath, his mouth wide in silent terror. Suddenly everything stopped and the very air became still. “I am here. “ came a voice within Azhags own mind. The voice invading his conscious like a poison. A voice full of contempt and hatred. The three words repeated until Azhag collapsed from exhaustion and descended into nightmare.Azhag was alone, surrounded by the dense woodland, but the presence lingered, surrounding his exhausted body, prodding at the corners of his mind searching for any cracks in his sanity to be exploited. The entity would bide it’s time. This vessel was strong indeed, The Fiend had nothing but time.