“Gentleman, load your weapons, six steps forward, turn and shoot”“No, please, think this throw” begged Martha hearthbroken, eyes wide open, red, swollen, her thin but beautiful face was moist from all the crying, strengthless, in her knees, with her white dress dirty with mud, knowing both the men she had fallen in love where about to fight to the death.“You can still stop this, my dear, pick one of the two, I’ll respect your choice as always, but this cant go on like it is, not now that he found out, I cant leave this behind knowing I still have a chance, unless you chose him I wont back down” said Charles with sad in his voice and hurt in his face.“Now there’s no turn around, my dear friend” anger and despair luring from deep inside his throat “how could you have done this, you, you that always knew about my love for her, we were friends, friends, I trusted you with my live, you had no right”Marth burst into tears seeing the situation more and more irreparable, was like if her worst nightmare had come to live, she had always feared that scenario and now there she was, about to lose a big part of her hearth, her soul, for she truthfully loved both and a choice was impossible to make. Richard, strong, perfect posture, rigid face in pair with his personality, he would always protect her no matter what. Making love to him was like the culmination of all sensations. On the other side there was Charles in many aspects just the opposite of Richard, thin and with too little health, he would spend his days reading and righting poetry, he always send her the most beautiful and felt poems about his love for her, was always kind and loving to her, his love was pure.And this is were we found Martha, just a simple girl, who never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever love two men at once, all she ever wanted was to have kids and be a good, faithful women.“I had no right? Is that what you’re saying my oldest friend? It’s true I always knew about your love for her, but I’ve always felt the same about her, I just never had the guts to tell you because of our friendship and your feelings, but now that she loves me too how can I let her go without putting up a fight? Now that I’ve learned to love I can’t let go of that right”“You never had that right, she is mine, no men will ever love besides me, and no man can do it better. I don’t know what you have done to her to make her hesitate between both of us but I will put an end to this madness, load your weapon so I can put an end to this here and now”Charles hopelessly looked down and loaded his weapon, seeing that Richard did the same, and so both friends, with one last look to their love, turn their backs to one another and started walking, step by step, gaining distance.“One” started to count the jury.Martha’s hearth begun the beat even strong.“Two … Three”She started crying even harder.“Four”In panic, she was desperately looking for a solution.“Five”The idea of losing one of her loved ones became unbearable and so she started running.“Six”The two friends turned and shoot, it was done, their fates were sealed.But, from all the ways that could have turned out, no one could have predicted that, the cruelest and saddest of all endings, seconds after the shooting they saw and could not believe it.Martha, with her hands on her waist, her white dress, more and more red, between the two friends, with the most beautiful and sad smile the two men would ever going to see for the entirety of their lives.First time ever trying to wright something so advise are helpful and not my native language so there might be some errors