“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.”― Stephen KingHappy Thursday writing friends!Trust, but verify. Is this truly trust? How do we know when we trust someone? Or when we are trusted? How do we know it’s okay to trust? What happens when we do? What happens when we don’t?[IP] from DeviantArt[IP] from Flickr[MP][MP]Here’s how Theme Thursday works:Use the tag [TT] when submitting prompts that match this week’s theme.Want to be featured on the next post?Leave a story or poem between 100 and 500 words here in the comments.If you had originally written it for another prompt here on WP, please copy the story in the comments and provide a link to the story.Read the stories posted by our brilliant authors and tell them how awesome they are!Theme Thursday Discussion Section:If you don’t qualify for ranking, or you just want to share your story without the pressure, you may submit stories in this section. If it’s from a prompt here on WP, drop us a link!Discuss your thoughts on this week’s theme, or share your ideas for upcoming themes.CampfireWednesdays we will be hosting a Theme Thursday Campfire on the discord main voice lounge. Join us to read your story aloud, hear other stories, and have a blast discussing writing! I’ll be there 6 pm CST and we’ll begin within about 15 minutes. Don’t worry about being late, just join!As a reminder to all of you writing for Theme Thursday: the interpretation is completely up to you! I love to share my thoughts on what the theme makes me think of but you are by no means bound to these ideas! I love when writers step outside their comfort zones or think outside the box, so take all my thoughts with a grain of salt if you had something entirely different in mind.News and Reminders:Check out our brand new Multi-Part story archive!Join Discord to chat with prompters, authors, and readers!We are currently looking for moderators! Apply to be a moderator any time!Nominate your favorite WP authors for Spotlight and Hall of Fame!Last week’s theme: DepthFirst by /u/Ryter99Second by /u/aliteraldumpsterfireThird by /u/Baconated-grapefruitFourth by /u/psalmoflamentFifth by /u/XacktarHonorable Mentions:The New World by /u/litcitybluesShort and so sweet by /u/DoppelgangerDeluxTrue Depth by /u/rudexvirus=====