The fog was always there. Scent of dew and sage. A constant reminder. We were doomed to wander this place for eternity.Some ran. Some wandered on, dragging feet in the damp soil. Others laid. They ran fingers through the sparse blades of grass. Those had lost hope long ago of ever escaping this place.I’ve never spoken to any of them. They’ve never spoken out to me. We each chose our own path in this forsaken world of dreary mist. No one looked back. Why retrace steps that led no where.That’s what I did. Time meant nothing. Step after step I made my way through the fog. Until he appeared. Wide eyes looking desperately through the haze. His relieved sigh when our gazes locked. I couldn’t look away.We wandered together telling stories of old. A brighter world. Of joyful times. Each action we made had meaning for us. Only for us.We walked on to our inescapable demise of this hideous world. The fog never ceased. Our burden never wavered. But somehow. Our world became lighter.