What can you see from up there?The words blinked on the screen, the failsafe protocol of the space station permitted very little in the way of communication. In fact Lianne had only ever seen this failsafe mode once before in her training which now felt oh so long ago.Focus she told her self, you’re in shock that won’t help you now.And what will help you a small voice in her head asked. You are doomed.She typed back, fingers clacking on the keyboard.Now I can’t see anything, it’s all gone.So few words for the horror she’d witnessed, why was it she couldn’t offer more. She was trained to be collected, to asses a situation and move with the best course of action. But now she simply watched as her reply slowly loaded into the failsafe and was sent down to the now scoured earth.She’d have to wait at least 7 minutes for a reply to be received, assuming one was sent. What was the point. The world was ending, had ended, what good would this conversation do. She found herself starting to stare out the window away from earth, her home. She couldn’t look at that right now.Only a few hours before they had been on the edge of a discovery that would see her name go down in history and now any sort of history seemed an impossible future to her. A new message on her screen brought her mind back where it needed to be, why was it she couldn’t focus.I lost contact with everyone only an hour ago. I already know there’s no hope for us. Please can you at least tell me what you saw. I need to know what happened.What had happened, did she really know? Not exactly, but she could guess. It would be because of what had happened on her ship. It would be the same reason she now watched the bodies of her shipmates float lifelessly out in the cosmos.She started to type.My crew and I discovered something wonderful.For months we have been working on the practical theory of Solivibrus. In it’s simplest form this was looking at trying to capture the suns rays from closer to the sun itself, hoping that it’s intensity would yeild a better, stronger, sustainable energy.What we found we did not expect nor did we understand. The suns power from closer proximity is different than that which arrives on earth. Powerful, destructive, alive.After harnessing what we thought a safe amount to send back to earth for further testing an argument broke out amongst the crew. That this energy was too immense of a power to be left entrusted on earth. That it’s capacity for good was outweighed by it’s dangers.The crew quarrelled and those who wished to send our research down to earth did so without agreement or consent from our captain. Those crew members are dead now. A punishment fit for their mutiny.The capsule that was sent with the captured rays burned up upon reentry. The rays of the sun exploded with untold force, destroying everything. From what information I can gather from my now limited satellite and communication access I don’t believe there to be any other survivors. I can only guess at the numerous factors that must have been at work to preserve the patch of earth you currently inhibit. I’d say you’re lucky to alive, but I believe that to be a lie. Good luck.She stared back at her words deliberating on what else to say. There still seemed so few of them to be the ones that ended this age of humankind on earth. Lianne shut down the failsafe, message left unsent.She stared out again at the bodies of the dead. Her crew. They hadn’t listened to her. She’d told them of the dangers and now they’d ended the world and she their lives as punishment. Slowly she walked over to the airlock and with trembling fingers opened the door and embraced the end.