For the longest time the great scientific minds of the galaxy have stagnated. The limit of our scientific advancement is limited by the time we have in this finite existence. Our greatest minds and the oldest the ancients that live twenty of your years learning only so much of the universe’s secrets. Try as we might we have never managed to achieve that we need most more time. Despite our best efforts we cannot cross our greatest hurdle cell death. A scratch a wound will never truly heal and may only be stalled through grafting forign material into the body.This process can only sustain a individual for so long as often times it is rejected from its host. It is our single highest rate of death in our society and greatest regret for our people. Other options have been explored but our brightest minds come close but never reach far enough. .The book slowly died down into medical jargon into various species physiology. Each flick of my fingers on the tablets surface scrolling further into the two hundred chapter document. My eyes slowly starting to burn from the infrared light spilling out of the device. Slowly my vision returning after forcefully blinking away the lingering tingling sensation. Various blurring lines disappearing as my eyes scan the black abyss outside the small panel of clear glass esc material. Small flakes of brilliant light dotting a colorful drifting Orange nebula known as the “watching soul”. A dull whine crossed the interior of the living space as the far slightly tall door slid open. My eyes quickly snapping over toward the doorway the alien figure slowly strolling through the carpeted room. A small forest of hanging almost crystalline scales scraping with each step. .The beings smooth mirror like eyes drifting towards the papers scattered across the wide desk across from my chair. Flaking lips parting as it spoke in a subdued and careful manner. “We will reach the learning center soon I will be your escort to and from the speech”It’s voice was like a glass shard thrown into a vender disturbing at the most basic level imaginable. My instincts screaming at me that it was not natural, not of my world. Slowly and carefully I slipped the numerous piles of papers back into my note binder my voice wavering in that moment. “Thank you I appreciate the gesture on your peoples behalf may I ask your name”. Its reflective eyes slowly turned extending its robed rotting paw outward. ” I am nyta of clynu  and may I know of your name and people stranger” .”* Jean Fletcher of Sol Luna*”  I clasped its hand and shook careful to avoid pulling too hard. The shuttle shuddering as the gesture was complete the exterior past the clear material of the window coming into view. A long tunnel various metallic ships resting in long neat rows. A colossal stream of various alien figures in drab clothing streaming through hanging see through tunnels. Under which small sparks flew out of a large six wheeled vehicle being repaired. Various small groups run around the machine with crates of parts and brightly colored tools .”You are welcome in soul station. The medical learning center is ten minutes away. Please follow nyta ”. The robbed figure grabbing my bag and carefully passing the threshold of the door. Quickly I checked over myself fixing my  oxygen supplying mask and suit before walking out the door.