“From the east shall come a breeze,a wind that brings with it disease.A rotten breath shall taint the landswith silent hearts and bloodied hands.Lines drawn shall be remade,and holy wars shall be waged.Yet in the west shall rise a sight:a child born of sun and night.The brightest star within the gloamdecides the fate of mankind’s home.The choice of the twilight monarch:a vibrant dawn, or endless dark.”It was the same message, despite the disparity in sources. Different ages, languages, cultures, magics – yet the warning was the all the same. All eyes turned toward the Republic of Eolas. The eastern nation worshiped the Cardinal Winds, so it was only natural that the blame fell upon them. There was outrage among the practicing Anemoi, and the religious leaders pressured the Eolean Council into cutting ties with the other nations of Tetra. Borders were closed, trade routes were blocked, and all outsider presences were either deported or executed. The republic quickly became a theocracy as people dug into their faith.At first, the murders were written off as zealous Anemoi striking down heretics. Nevermind the fact that those “heretics” were their own families. It was the sailors and traders at first. They came home from work, swaying as if still drunk on the wine-dark seas, and strangled the life out of their loved ones. It spread from the port cities into the mainland, and within the year half the population of Eolas was either dead or changed.Nobody noticed until it was too late. Contact with Eolas had been cut off, and the kingdoms of Helios and Ebrus were too busy fighting to care that their eastern borders were being tested. The Rosus Commonwealth was too far away to do anything, including care, about Eolas. Queen Hesperos was the first to take an official stance, but only after a chunk of Ebrus had been laid to waste by the Breathless. She rallied the best minds of the Venusian Academy, but their magics proved ineffective. King Phosphorus of Helios found the same, though his elemental engines proved slightly more effective at preventing the Breathless advance.The remaining citizens of either kingdom evacuated to Rosus, including the royal heirs. The combined forces of raw Ebrusian magics and Helioan ingenuity allowed an enormous wall to be constructed, dividing the Commonwealth from the rest of the continent. Fifteen years of uneasiness passed, but the wall proved effective. Apparently the royals had a child together. Go figure, huh? All it takes is two nations crumbling to end a centuries-old feud. They named him Astereas, referencing that old prophecy.Apparently, it means “star” or something.