“Excuse me, miss Maddie?” I followed the familiar server at the tavern. Golden locks like sunflowers, yet eyes as beaming and tongue sharper than my own sword.”Yes?” She replied dryly, cleaning a table.”Where are all the monster hunting jobs? There aren’t any posted.”She eyed at me sharply. As if I did or said something wrong.”Well, Mr. Jora. Like I have speculated and even declared to this entire goddamn kingdom, hunting ‘monsters’ has some unforeseen consequences. And the king, as per my request has banned any form of them.””What?””Oh, and illegally hunting them is a kill on sight. You come here with your boots or gloves wet with even sundrake blood, then off to the guillotine with you.”I frowned, not out of sadness but rather irritation. Monster hunting wasn’t just a sport, or a testament to any fighter’s glory. It was also to protect the people that were being threatened by them, but now the monsters are the ones being protected??I followed the Maddie as she glides off to the storage area, opening a keg.”Okay, i don’t understand. What consequences are we even talking about?””You been livin’ under a rock, Jora?””I live under Mt. Humilia, so technically, yes.”Maddie sighed. “Alright, let’s go outside for a while.””You’re just gonna abandon work?” I raise a brow at her.”I always do, now come on.”The girl took me to a valley. A division between mountains, filled to the brim with plants, grass and… monsters.”Do you know why the Earth even made these beasts, Jora?””No?””Its to protect us from an even more sinister threat.”The girl took me to a rift in the ground. I look what lies in the pit but I see nothing but pitch black. Maddie jumped without a second thought and my heartbeat raced.What the hell is that girl thinking?! If i follow her there, my armor won’t allow me to climb back up!”Get down here, Jora!” Her voice echoed in the darkness below.”How am I supposed to go in there?” I answered. “It’s too small!””Just remove your pauldrons!”I sighed. Sometimes I don’t understand why women can be so demanding in the worst possible way, yet men are still compelled to do as they asked. I removed my pauldrons, and leapt.Slop.My feet landed on some black thick liquid. I looked forward and saw Maddie gazing into the cavern.A great violet light emanated from there. A great ominous light. Somehow, my hairs stood. A monster must be in there. I drew my sword from my scabbard, and the metal clanging echoed throughout the cave.”Shh!” Demanded Maddie. “You’ll give away our position!”Maddie walked forward, and I tried to walk in front of her to make sure she’s safe if a beast were to show and attack, but she seems rather insistent in leading the way.Finally, she stopped. In front of us was a swirling purple vortex. A thing that possibly can’t be created by our magic! I’ve never felt anything like it. Not even the Magus Ascendant’s mana was this…terrifying.”I’ve called it ‘the Breach’.” She said.”Maddie? How did you come upon this?””There was one night where when i tried to sleep, I felt myself…’detached’ from my body. Without even really knowing it, I was touching the stars in the sky. I felt their heat. I felt the celestial light on me, but I also felt their fear…”The girl inhaled deeply.”Somehow, I could hear them screaming at me to go back where I came from. That my presence there was being watched… And then that’s where I saw it, no… felt it.””Felt what?””Something was looking at me. The stars were silent. I turned to see something i’ve never seen before. A thing impossibly bigger than the universe, a thing full of tentacles and eyes and everything grotesque!”She was palpitating.”Relax, Maddie.” I calmed her. “It was just a dream.””No, Jora you don’t understand! A dream, thats what we are! We are all just a dream by some-The cavern shook. I felt that this was the epicenter. This was the strongest. I lodged my sword deep into the soil as I held tightly to Maddie.”No!” She screamed. “It’s here! It heard me!”A tendril came out of the vortex, and it swatted me away, forcing me to eat the gooey dirt. I turned around, standing strong, but the tentacle wrapped around Maddie as she screamed.”Let her go!” I screamed at it, twirling my blade at the limb, but my blade shattered!”Jora! Duck!””What?!””Duck!”I obliged. I crouched, closing my eyes. Then, a roar behind me. I opened my eyes again to see a Kyrian Leviathan lunge over me, and biting the tendril, tearing it apart and freeing Maddie.The creature breathed into the portal a wave of fire, and it closed. The violet light was gone.The leviathan quickly grabbed us by its long claws, and took us back to the surface.I found my world being shattered to pieces by this new revelation.”You see now, Jora?! This is why monster hunting is banned now! Their talons and claws are the only ones able to stop that Thing’s perversion in our world! These beasts are made to keep it asleep! They are the hope and the reason why I haven’t gouged out my own eyes after all the things I’ve seen!”I understand now, or at least… I think I did. I looked at the Kyrian Leviathan’s viperlike eyes and bowed to him, offering him my broken blade.”I see now, Maddie.”