The world around me crumbles ever more day by day. I haven’t seen another soul in nearly twenty years, and I suspect I won’t again.We lived in a beautiful society. There was no hunger, or poverty. We didn’t get sick. Unfortunately though, we still had hate.Hate for our neighbors, hate for those of differant views, for those of different mothers. For all we had, we had hate.It took me exactly twenty three years to understand the extent of that hate. Twenty three, that’s how old I had been when the war broke out.I was twenty four when it ended.Since the devastation wrought by the bombs I have lived here, in the ruins of this once great city. I survive on the food still left to rot on shelves, or from the bunkers of the fools who didn’t reach them in time. I can hunt, but nearly everything is dead already.I leave the radio on every night, in hopes that one day I’ll hear it.Should you find this journal, know that I have. Or that I’ve died listening.-Davin Wood, around December 2134. Maybe 2135.————————————————————————As my eyes travel over the words etched into the journal, I begin to tremble. That date, it couldn’t have been too long ago!Frantically I search the tiny bunker that makes up Davin’s home. There are traces of his existence, but no food or that radio he mentioned. That must mean…But no, surely not. There hasn’t been a signal in nearly five years, let alone this far from the survivor’s city!With a ferver I reach into the bag on my back and funble around for the portable radio I’d scavenged. The batteries are a pain but eventually I’m able to slide them in.Three short beeps. Three long beeps. Three short beeps.That’s all it is, repeated over and over again. It isn’t anything conforting, but to a man who hasn’t had contact with anyone in twenty years? He probably followed it.I should too, it’s the only lead I have on anyone’s whereabouts, and if I’d like to get home then I need someone who knows the area.With my pack set and mind made up, I wave the radio around on the surface. Before long I’m off, following in the footsteps of one Davin Wood.