((Typiing this up on mobile. Kind of a rushed job.))They came as if called to the Earth; massive rhombus-shaped ships, larger than anything terrestrial, hovered in the sky and released fleets of small aircraft. The smaller ships flew through the skies with perfect maneuverability and easily outran, outnumbered, and outgunned anything we humans could launch as a counterattack. The strange thing though (not counting the whole “alien invasion” thing) was the weaponry onboard the alien craft: it didn’t destroy equipment or machinery, rather it petrified flesh and bone. Pilots, drivers, and even those on foot were all turned into stone when the craft fired beams of a sickening light.The World’s armies banded together to little avail. Police and emergency personnel helped evacuate civilians. Doctors and medical crew tried their best to help those injured. Scientists, linguists, engineers, and anyone else who could lend their expertise tried to study the craft and find some weakness. Or, failing that, some means of communication with the aggressors.We had some success in that last one.“WE ARE THE RHOMBULANS. WE HAVE RETURNED.”It was early in the morning, September 21st. I was among those fleeing. But as I ran with others to shelter, a strange man caught my eye; he wore a military-style uniform, had gray hair and mustache and wore large sunglasses. Stranger yet, he was dancing. And singing. Loudly. He sang a song from the late 70s. As chaos rained down around us, this man danced and sang. Yet…He looked like he had the right idea.He paused once during his dance to to point triumphantly at the sky as if commanding some unknown force. He cried out, but the chaos around drowned out his words. I thought I caught the word “Agents”.In the distance was a sleek black car driving at an alarming pace. On the side doors and on the hood was a painted yellow star with three letters on it. The car came to a screeching halt next to us. Three men, clad in black suits, leapt from the vehicle and flashed some badges. They held microphones and, just like the dancing older man, they too began dancing. They started from the beginning of the song.Their moves…radiated some energy. As they danced and sang, our air forces began flying in formation and blasting the alien craft. When they reached the second verse, those on the land were singing and dancing and cheering, and when they reached the last verse, an incredible energy built up around us. Those who were stone were made flesh and blood once more and joined in the dancing and singing until our voices and stomping and cheers filled the air with music. And when the mysterious agents reached the final verse and chrous, a brilliant beam of energy shot out from the crowds and struck the massive Rhombulan craft.When all the chaos died down, the alien craft and attackers had fled. There was damage, but nothing that time and effort couldn’t fix. The crowds were still singing and laughing and dancing among themselves. I approached where the agents stood and danced, but they were gone.And all that was left was a symbol on the ground: a yellow star with the letters “E.B.A”.