“Hey, Commander Jarvis, I think I’ve found something you may wanna take a look at”That ‘something’ was no small gem, or easily forgettable rock-structure. This ‘something’ could quite possibly be the key to unlocking the secrets left behind by the ancient race of martians who once inhabited this hostile, dead planet.Me and my supervisor, Commander Maven Jarvis, were assigned to the Scouting Division of Colony 13 when we first arrived on Mars. There were around about 100 of us when we landed, each split into groups of 5, and tasked with finding a way to either survive on Mars after the human race inevitably destroys Earth, or finding a reason as to why we shouldn’t make Mars the new home planet of the Human Race.However, what we weren’t told was that before the planet died, and it lost its natural atmosphere, there was an intelligent species inhabiting it’s surface. The race we call “martians” had a society far surpassing our own, with traces of mega cities dotting the Martian landscape, and easily recognisable landmarks such as fallen pylons and phosphorescent streetlights. We weren’t told any of this, because nobody knew that a society like this existed on this planet. If we did, we would’ve sent explorers 50, no 100 years earlier, when we sent the Rover up to map and photograph the planet for us, which is why it came as such a surprise when we found the first remains of what appeared to be an apartment building.Fast forward to year 5 of inhabiting Mars, and we’ve made no progress into finding out what made this race of intelligent creatures disappear from existence. We’ve found no graves, no signs of war – civil or interstellar – and certainly no evidence to suggest that they’ve left the planet. Commander Jarvis was talking about abandoning the search for signs of the ancient Martians all together…Until now, that is…”What is it, Private Astrid? This better not be another one of those bloody penis shaped rock formations again!” The commander yelled, obviously pre-occupied with searching in another part of the barren Wasteland.She trudged over, reluctantly, but stopped dead in her tracks when she came face to face with what appeared to be a titanium door, with faint blue lights leaking through the dusty window, illuminating the surrounding cliff face a dull brown.”Commander”, I whispered, unsure of what the door could lead to, “permission to enter the bunker?”