Tom felt the world melt around him. 8 years, and he still wasn’t use to this. Tom briefly let his mind wander back. His father, standing over him, wielding the strange necklace.”I need you to focus.”Tom wasn’t having any of it. His friend was waiting for him. They had a whole day planned.”Tomas Jordan Lawrence!”He froze. His father never used his full name, unless he’d really screwed up. Not wanting to get in any more trouble, he complied.”Focus. I need to know.”Tom didn’t know what his father was looking for, but the sooner he found it, the sooner Tom could leave. Using all his might, he concentrated on the brass locket. As he did, he felt something poke him. Not physically, but it was still there.”Did you feel it?”The locket glowed blue. Magic.”Your power. Now we can train i-“He stopped, silence filled the room.”Can I go now?””No. This… it’s important.”His father mumbled, “… haven’t seen one of those before.”He walked away, taking the locket with him. Tom took that as a cue that he could leave. Outside, Sam waited patently, straddling a shiny red bike.”Took ya long enough.””Dad made me do some ritual thing.”Sam laughed. “So what, your a wizard now?””I think so?”Sam stopped. “Wait really?””It was blue.”Sam’s eyes grew wide. “Cooool! What spell do you have?”Tom shrugged, “I dunno. Something about not seeing something.””So invisible? Way cool.” Sam propped up the bike, indicating he was ready to head out. “We could try it at party.”Tom lifted his bike up, a cool blue with lightning decals. “I have no idea how, but sure.”The two made their way to the restaurant.”So, is it like, you turn invisible? Or can you make other things invisible?””I don’t know. Haven’t tried it yet.””Or maybe, you can summon invisible creatures to fight along side you.”Tom sighed. Sam continued suggesting things as they made their way. 15 minutes later, they arrived. A large neon sign flashed the words “Pizza Palace” alongside a neon pizza and bowling pins.”Last one in is a rotten egg!” Sam let his bike clatter on the pavement as he ran in.The restaurant was filled with noise, despite being barren of customers. The two made their way to one of the cashiers.”Welcome to Pizza Palace. How many?” The man at the register seemed beyond bored.”Two.” Tom put some money on the counter.”Right. Here’s your fun cards. Have a superb day.”Taking the cards, the two ran into the large main room. Machines buzzed, as they played catching short tunes. A bowling ball could be heard clattering into pins. Sam ran to one of the machines.”I heard these machines have a secret. If you look just right, you can see a light next to the peg that will win.” He pointed to the inside of the machine, “they put that plate there so you can’t see it anymore.”Sure enough, no mater the angle, Tom couldn’t see a light inside.”I think you’re full of it.””No! Really, it’s there. You’ve got invisible stuff, right? You should be able to see it.”Focusing hard, Tom willed himself to see it, but nothing happened.”Nope.””Maybe if I move this,”Sam reached in and tried to shift one of the belts in the way. As he did, the machine kicked on, playing one of the zingers used to get a patron’s attention. The belt caught his hand, dragging his arm into the machine.Sam screamed, “TOM! HELP!”He grabbed Sam’s free arm, but was unable to pull him free from the machine. Panicking, he turned around, trying to find someone to help.”PLEASE!” The machine had pulled Sam a bit further in. A copper sent began to waft into the air. Tom ran to the front, tears welling up in his eyes. He yanked the cashier’s arm, pleading for him to help.By the time the two got there, Sam’s arm was mangled, and he had gone silent. Tom stifled a sob, his mind running at a thousand miles a minute. Focused on the lifeless eyes of his friend, he jumped when he felt something soft brush his hand. A small dragon, covered in silver fur, had wandered in, and was nuzzling his hand.”No. Please.” Tom whispered. “No.”The dragon jumped on Tom’s shoulders, and for a moment, everything slowed. The sounds grew slow, then silent. Lights around him buzzed, before slowing to a flicker.”What?”The shock of the sudden change left Tom stunned, momentarily forgetting about his mangled friend.”Did you do this?” He looked to the dragon, resting peacefully on his shoulder. “Can… can we go back?”The dragon looked him in the eyes, and in a blink, he was standing outside the restaurant, Sam throwing his bike on the ground again.”Last one in is a rotte- Whoa! Where’d you get that?!”The dragon, still lingering on Tom’s shoulder, purred before jumping back on the ground.”Hu. I don’t know.”The moment passed, and Tom snapped back to the gate. Sergent Adam Loset had just motioned for the doors to open.”Second creature, class 3. Projectile protection suggested.” Tom announced, rather mechanically.Loset paused, “Casualty count?””50 percent.”He sighed. “Right. Armor up and regroup. Thanks again Tom.”Tom nodded, giving Chrono another pet. “Glad to help.”