I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going on this mission to the unknown lands that had sprang up after the oceans vanished, but I took the job anyway – I mean anything was better than listening to Jackson going on about mud or soil any longer.We counted so many islands. So many new Land masses we could establish as new colonies or as uninhabitable land. We went through countless caverns, tunnels, and caves. We climed countless mountains and hills. Waded through small pools of water and vast systems filled to the brim. But nothing will compare to my discovery on Isle Panthea.We had set up camp. Built ourselves a moderate sized campfire and had even managed to not burn the food again. After eating we established our plan for the coming days, we mapped out the locations we had already gone to and routes to take for those areas had not yet gone into. Our security team was the leaders of the mapping of future plans but the researchers mapped out those we’d already been to.Beckett, the leader of the security, always stayed with the leader of our team. James was growing tired of his constant vigilance, but besides that we all got on as a group. However…There was Howard.I did not get on with Howard.At all.Ever.We could not stand one another.And it caused some tension in the office and out of it. Everyone tried their best to help us or try and fix the unbridled hatred we had for one another but it did nothing but make it worse honestly.Because of Howard I would often leave the group. Tonight Howard had decided that while everything was fine and everyone was content he would ruin the mood and annoy me. It did not take long for it to escalate and for us to come close to blows, after being separated I walked away down the beach for some “fresh air” – considering the fact we were in the open anyway it made no sense for me to have used that excuse but I did.I drifted down the beach like a dried up piece of driftwood being washed in from the sea. It was calming and peaceful. I heard something unusual from the rainforest.My interest piqued, I ventured over and into the rainforest following the sound like a helpless blind pup following its mothers calls.I do not know nor recall how long I walked or how far I ventured but I remember the cave entrance. I went inside it and followed the winding unnatural path down and down and down into the bowels of the beast.It wasn’t dark here. It was wet. Damp rather but no water could be seen or felt yet I could hear dripping the further I went.It set every fibre of my being alight. My brain buzzed with electricity. I had never felt more alive.As I neared the unnatural exit that loomed like a giant blackhole I noticed the hue of blue to it. The hums I could hear from beyond it. The dripping ever so loudly. The tingling sensation. The way the air refused to come to my lungs. The thrill. The rush. The sudden maddening desire to venture into the cavern that awaited me.The only thing that stopped me momentarily was my name being yelled. Frantically and desperately, they called to me unrelentingly but not as much as the void before me did.So I turned away from their familiar voices and pressed on into the unknown.It took me a moment to adjust.The air was wet here.The ground even more so.The humming was deep and guttural.The feelings I felt as my eyes adjusted to the softly glowing watery blue light about the cavern.As my eyes took in the sight of the ancient beast before me.Of the pitch black water beneath him, it reached his waist and his elbows rested beneath the water as did his hands.The green creature with its tentacles over its mouth opened its abyssal eyes and looked to me.I do not remember leaving the cavern but I did and found myself outside the cave entrance, suddenly someone burst from the bushes behind me.I turned and looked at them as they exclaimed my name in joy. Whoever they were mattered little to me, but it seemed I mattered to them. I watched as more of the people came from the trees and bushes, each one expressed relief that I was alright – all but one.He was relieved despite what his eyes and behaviour expressed, he was not as annoyed as he appeared to the others. He was a crafty liar, an expert in appearing to be one thing while being another entirely. I was impressed.Then one of the people who was mildly annoyed with me spoke to me.”Why on earth would you wonder away without telling us?! Let alone the fact you chose to ignore us when we called out for you!” The man hissed, I raised my hand.Everyone stared at me silently and confused by the gesture. I spoke back.”I was in the cave. Sorry I didn’t hear you. I’m perfectly fine as you can see. But there is something you need to see…” I said.”Now?!” One of the men hissed.”Now. Then we must leave, and never come back.” I replied as I turned and walked away down the winding path of the cave.”What the hell is wrong with Sebastian?” One of them asked, a collective murmur of agreement and confusion followed but so did they.”What is this?” One asked as we went further down.”Why is this place wet but not wet too?” Another asked.”Where is that dripping coming from?” Another asked.Deeper and deeper we went. More and more questions arose. More and more fear and tension and no replies to their unwavering questions. I stopped before the void. They were terrified already. And the questions poured from them like an unrelenting wave.I raised my hand and walked into the void. Silence followed. I stepped back out of the void unharmed and reassured them everything would be fine.I moved aside and watched them step into the void.Once they had all gone through I smiled.And said the words he had told me.”Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”The void became a hue of red and I fell to my knees. The words flooding out of me over and over and over even as the screams grew louder and chaos unfolded within the cavern.Over and over until at last silence had fell and the hue had become blue once more.I rose from my knees and went into the void.Cthulhu looked to me and I bowed before him among the remains and blood of those I had led here.”Sebastian?” A voice asks, I turn to look at her.”Yes?” I ask.”Some gentleman are here, something about a voyage?” She replied.”I’ll be down in a moment, get them something to drink would you? They must be dying of thirst.” I said sweetly.”Oh! Of course, I can’t believe I forgot to ask them if they wanted something!” She said to herself as she walked back down the stairs.I listened to her descending, a smile upon my lips. My eyes returned to the book before me, bound in its fish skin and adorned with small barnacles at the top left corner.I could hear the hum still even now, even so far away from him.Soon however I would venture back, once more with offerings. Once more he would bestow his gift upon me, once more I would return to carry out my end of the bargain.Soon he would have an endless supply, once those fools colonised the Isle.Then he will give me the task of finding Dagon.That is why I make my home here.Within Innsmouth.Ready for the day to find Dagon and bring him to my lord, Cthulhu.But for now, I have fools to take on my voyage.I place the book within my safe and lock it, before I rise and decend the stairs.Down.Down.Down.