“So let me get this straight, in the span of 15 hours, us humanity as a species in this galaxy, has achieved total dominance over everything we come across ?”The 4 younger Meisters just shyly nodded. Mean while their leader was picking his nose. Their commanding officers, a woman in her 50’s just shaking her head in exhaustion. She didn’t get paid enough for this headache.”This is the first contact with another sentient life from outside our solar system, a very important milestone for humanity as a whole… and the first thing you five do it instigated a war!””It not our fault when they shot first, and it not our fault when they pathetic slug thrower can’t even scratched our paint-job…”One Meister bravely answered, only to get shot down by the commander glare.”I don’t care if they shot first or not, you retaliations more than necessary!””But we were just following Kakaron Protocol !””You five towed 75% of their asteroids and do a colony drop on the poor bastards homeworld! What you have accomplished make operation Star Dust look like a joke! Kakaron is a respected Meister beyond his time, but he was not genocidal maniac!””Don’t be so mad about it Kate, at least we terrified them enough that they will never wage war again! The way i see it, we both naturalized an enemy of mankind while accomplishing our organization goals! It a win-win to me!”Kate look at the older Meister straight in the eyes, her face betrayed no emotion while her smile take on a sinister form.”Don’t think that you’re of the hook, Captain. If it wasn’t for our ridiculous generation ability compared to the xenos weaponry, I wouldn’t be standing debriefing you. I would be organizing an all out war against an extra-terrestrial species that you and your crew attack!””As I said, don’t worry about it anyway Kate. With their weapons can’t actually harming us in any meaningful ways, and that not counting in our solar furnace and mobile suits, we pretty much invincible…”And that the story of how humanity became the most feared species in the Milky Way history. Not through tear and bloodshed, but through sheer bullshit biology and a technology tree so broken that no other species can make head or tail of it.