When I came to the Moon to work for the Lunarless organisation, I knew I would be working with the Lycans.I was ready for it, too. I am not one of those prejudiced people who think the Lycans lesser.What I wasn’t ready for was the Full Earth.Yes. The Full Earth.I had heard the rumours. Everyone who came to the Moon willingly became Lycans themselves.I didn’t really believe it, of course.But I understood why soon.I was outside, walking with my best friends, a Lycan named Jason who had come with me, and Anne, a human who had come with her Lycan boyfriend named Jacob, when it happened.The Earth shone in full light and everyone fell over.Jason and Jacob did as well.Before my eyes, they all turned to the most beautiful beings I have ever seen.Sun-kissed skin, perfect muscular bodies, glossy and strong hair.They chuckled.Jacob, a blond man with the same Amber eyes every Lycan had, approached Anne, who seemed hot and bothered all of a sudden.”Can you feel the pheromones, Anne? You see, we Lycans know that our kind changes like this on the Full Earth days. So, we come with the ones we love to turn them and be with them for the rest of our lives.”Pheromones?Strange. I didn’t feel any… Ah. Perhaps it didn’t work on those whose sexuality was not attracted to the Lycan’s gender? As an Asexual, I didn’t feel towards anyone, so it simply didn’t work?Jason, with his short black hair and light Amber eyes, smiled at me. “Sorry about that. I couldn’t just tell you I planned on turning you…”I took a step back and turned to see Anne giving in. She was a nod away from being turned by Jacob.I turned back to see Jason closing in. “I have loved you for so long, you see. And yet, you never showed any interest…”I took another step back.My back hit the wall.”Come on. I know you can feel it. Do not resist it…” Jason took my chin and kissed me.It felt wrong, wrong, wrong…I pushed him away, terrified.I ran and ran. I turned to see him running after me.He was faster than a human should be.So I hid.I was so glad I had a spacesuit despite the Moon having an atmosphere.He couldn’t feel my scent when I put on the helmet.He was getting dangerously close to my hiding spot.The moment he turned away, I ran quietly (thank God for my Martial Arts training) and entered a cave.He must’ve heard me, because I heard him running after me.I turned off my helmet’s light and was enveloped by darkness.I continued further and further into the cave, and encountered glowing blue crystals.I continued even deeper, afraid, but saw the stats of the air and took off my helmet.I ce to a dead end with a cold turquoise crystal.A beautiful woman with pale skin, white hair and violet eyes smiled at me.”Have you come to hide?”Somehow, I felt I couldn’t lie to this woman. I nodded.”He will find you soon. Turn you.”I gasped. “Please…””I know. I can help you. But you can not stay human.””I don’t want to be-“”Don’t worry. You have a choice. There is another kind you can become. My kind.””Your kind…?””We are the original inhabitants of the Moon. We cannot die, yet we stay hidden. The Lycans here know of us and have agreed to keep us a secret as we do not wish to be humanity’s test subjects. In exchange, we let them stay on the Moon. Our kind is called the Iunae. I-U-N-A-E.”I nodded.”You must make a decision. Become a Lycan… Or become a Iunae. All you have to do is step inside this crystal.”I heard Jason’s footsteps.And I decided.I wouldn’t be a coward and lose everything.With that, I stepped inside the White Crystal and let it close around me.