“There’s a lot of fucked up pissed off aliens on this ship,” Carla said. “So stick with me.”Eric walked the corridor by her side, the flashlight on his rifle twitching nervously towards any sound. “I’d be upset too, if my family had been murdered and I’d been caged and abducted.””I doubt they’re smart enough to know all that,” said Carla. “All the same…” She raised her fingers to her forehead and made a gun. “As soon as you see one, take it out. Don’t want no risk taking.”Eric nodded.”It’s your first day, right?””Yeah. Guess it’s my last day, too.”She laughed and shook her head. “Ain’t that fucking typical. Thought you were a fresh-faced son of a bitch. You’re lucky you ran into me — it might just have saved your life.”They reached an open door and crept inside, Carla first. “Shit,” she said. “Never been allowed in this room before.”Their flashlights spun through the room glittering off piles of broken glass, covered in thick layers of blue fluids.”Jesus,” said Eric. “Broken tubes. Needles. Scalpels. Wires hanging just about everywhere.”Carla’s light hovered on a desk. A brain, bigger than a human’s, sat on it. Peeled open into a dozen layers, like gray book with its pages ready to flip through. “I don’t know what the fuck they were doing in here, but–‘”Ah, Jesus. There’s a body over here, Carla.”Her light joined his. A man lay face down in a puddle of red. He was naked, except for his underwear. His back lined with deep gashes.”The fuck,” she said. “The fuck happened to him? The fuck were they doing in here.” She knelt down by the body.”Experiments,” Eric said. “Military research I’d guess. Poor fucking animals. “”Don’t feel sorry for them! Doubt they understood shit. Unlike–” She rolled the body over and recoiled; the man’s entire face was missing. Just red and yellow tissue dripping onto the floor. “Oh sweet fucking Jesus! Sweet Jesus. Think I’m going to be sick.”Eric said nothing.Carla took a few deep breaths. “You seen his face?”Nothing.”Eric?’She turned her flashlight; Eric stood behind her silent. “Oh, you are still there. Yeah, I get it being a shock.” She laughed. “Was even for–“Her light lit his face bright. She hadn’t noticed the red marks beneath his scalp before. Or those near his neck.”All those poor fucking animals,” he said.Eric’s mouth twisted as her light lit his face from below. She thought it looked like he was about to tell a scary story at a campfire.”Oh shit.”