Carl quickly grabbed his cane and the pistol on his bedside table. Sure enough, the sooema was the first to reach his room, before he could even close the door. These things were quick, but they werent going to harm him. Sooema were herbivores after all. Carl headed out of the shuttle, hearing a few screams. He held out the carrot trying to lure the Sooema with him. He could ride the Sooema if need be, but they were weak, and Carl didnt want to hurt it too much.Carl continued to the bridge quietly. After all, he said to himself, thats where everyong else probably will be. As he entered he saw Chuck, the lead biologist, and Paula, a member of the research team. All three looked at each other in a look that said “if you make one sound im leaving you to the bloodhogs.”. Screams could be heard in the distance, Carl regognized that scream as Will, the head of security. Carl took his captain’s hat off and held it over his heart for a mere second, before getting to the communication terminal. He grabbed the morse code button and started typing away. Hopefully anyone would see the signal and come get whoever remained.They all heard it. Small footsteps outside the door. Human? Bloodhog? Sooema? Carl readied his pistol. Paula grabbed the fireaxe off the wall and wielded it as she approached the door. Chuck cowered under the table. The footstep started again, this time seemingly walking away from the bridge. Paula breathed a slight sigh of relief, happy they might be safe. Then the Sooema, hungry since he had run out of carrots decided to call for more. “Eeeeeauuu”. The distinct Sooema cry was enough to get the red 2-legged hog-like creatures to immediately crash through the door.Darryl heard 3 shots in the distance, followed by screams. He recognized one as Carl, and slowly lowered his helmet over his heart for a second, before continuing to the engine room. After all, he said to himself, thats probably where everyone else will be.