It had all started so innocently. One night, I woke up by falling on the ground. I hadn’t fallen from my bed, but from my ceiling. I thought it was a bad dream. Until it happened again, and again. I decided to experiment with it. This is how I discovered I could literally fly. My legs would feel this… this strength, able to propel my body in the air. Soon enough, my hands would feel it too, and would help me stabilize myself. I painfully found out that this would only work for an hour. But as great as it could feel, as liberating as it could be to simply get over a sea at night and fly for an hour, I didn’t want that power. You never know what this world will do to someone who’s simply different. I didn’t want to use this gift.Until that one day.Coming back from work, I saw fire trucks and police cars all rushing to one place. On the roof, a man was turning his back to the edge of the building, held at gunpoint by another. As I arrived, the armed one hit the other person once, who fell towards the ground. I hadn’t taken the time to think. Before I had realized it, I was in the air, struggling to keep the unconscious man’s arm from slipping out of my hands. A glass wall shattered next to me, a chair flying through it.“Come here!”, a voice said.I had then flown away right after dropping the body on the floor. Luckily, my hair had prevented anyone from having a good look at my face.That was the spark needed to ignite a new era. Little did I know that at the time. Everyone started talking about this mystery hero, this guardian angel. All I wanted back then was to be left alone. But when you’re able to help others with their problems, it’s their problems that come and find you. And I couldn’t stay blind to that, even at that time.One night, an emergency broadcast hit up all the screens of the city. A helicopter had been hijacked. Onboard was an uber-famous MMA fighter, held hostage by a gunman. He specifically demanded that the ‘angel’ came to negotiate with him, or else he would execute his hostage. If any other chopper came close to them, he would execute him too.I had no choice, I couldn’t stand by. I dressed up with my skin-tight sports gear, the most practical one, as I had found out.Right below the chopper was a gathering of cops and first aid squads. Bystanders were kept at a security distance, and had their heads pointed to the sky, where the police spotlights illuminated the chopper. Knowing my time was limited, I had started flying only a few blocks from there. I had gone straight to the police, explaining that I was ready to do whatever they expected from me.“Are you… Are you who they’re asking for?”, the commanding officer asked, suspicious.“Well… Didn’t you see me coming from the air? Who else would I be?”“I saw you alright”, said the captain. “It’s just that I expected someone more… mature in this kind of stuff.”“What… What exactly do you mean?”, I asked, fearing I already knew the answer.“Come on lady, don’t make me sound like a jerk now. You’re not police, you’re not accredited for this kind of operations. And you’re not above the law, so you’re not going.”My heart skipped a beat after hearing that. Refraining from bursting to him, I had already made my decision. He wanted his words to sound final, but he could do very little to stop me.“You’re right. I don’t have the accreditation for this kind of stuff. But I don’t plan on standing above the law. I’m just here to make sure that those who do don’t hurt innocent people. Because right now, you guys can’t.”Without giving him time to respond, I had simply taken off. Within seconds, I was floating a few meters away from the helicopter, my hands up.“I just want to make sure everyone is okay”, I shouted to the abductor.I turned to the athlete.“Are you all right?”Weirdly, they looked at each other. The gunman laid down his weapon, and invited me into the chopper.“I am sorry for putting you through this.”Those words were coming, not from the man with a revolver on his seat, but from the victim himself. With my eyes squinting from inquisition, I turned my head to him.“What?”He then explained everything to me. For years, he had discovered that he could increase his own strength, for about an hour every day. He had never used it in his job, but he used his athletic career to cover the fact that he had somehow helped through tough situations. So, from the moment he had heard about that person who had been seen flying to save someone, he had this idea of finding others like him. Others with abilities who would be ready to help people. His brother, the pilot, had already helped him find someone called Shield, a man who could tank almost any damage coming to him.“So, hi!” The gunman next to the pilot took off his mask, revealing a teddy bear daddy face with a huge smile. “You can call me Shield.”“Yeah, and I’m Strength. Do you have a name?”A few minutes later, everyone saw me flying out of the helicopter, fighting to hold Strength and the pilot in each of my hands. As we landed on the rooftops of the nearest skyscraper, the helicopter stopped hovering and began falling towards the sea. The plan was that Shield would crash it in the water, and swim back to safety before the cops could block the crash site.That’s how we met, and started our new life. Not long after that day, we met Grace. She could change her appearance to that of anyone else.We had no one to teach us. No one to train us. So we trained ourselves. We taught each other how to be better, how to be faster, how to be stronger. We discovered that the more we trained with each other, the more our powers got better. And the more our powers increased, the more our bodies and minds got stronger. I could now lift two people for half an hour, or fly faster than a little plane. Strength got better at fighting, mastering even more combat styles. Shield could now also protect anyone of his choosing who was physically close to him. Grace could now emit pheromones going with her appearance, allowing her to naturally intimidate or convince people.So we started our missions. I could help the firemen rescue endangered people, Strength stopped agressions, Shield would help on firefights, Grace would go and negotiate during hostage situations. But the others were never too far away, ready to intervene should things go awry.Actually, our popularity was at an all-time high. We stopped bad things from happening, and limited casualties as much as we could in doing so. The media praised us. Kids and their parents loved us. Politicians publicly asked for meetings and whatnot. Even the police force was starting to wonder if, after all, we weren’t that bad. We came out publicly with our chosen names. But the media, noticing that all our interventions lasted less than an hour, added their little something to the mix. We became the city’s beacon. We were Hour Strength, Hour Shield, Hour Grace, and Hour Height. We were Hour Power.But all that was hiding something more. Someone more, actually. For every car theft or bank robbery that we managed to stop, there was an armored car that disappeared. And it was too specific to be random. Having Shield as a detective among us helped us to carry a real investigation on these thefts.The trail led us to Dim Nohur, a young businessman whose enterprise had started to flourish right after our official reveal to the world. We had been very busy for a few months. Everything we did was seen by people and witnesses who would help the police and the media document it. But what we missed was not. We had trouble tracking what we couldn’t stop from happening. We eventually found why.For every truck that had been targeted, we couldn’t help but notice that it absolutely didn’t exist. No entry for the convoy in official police files, no trace of the guards before or after the deed. It’s as if none had ever existed. As it turned out, the money was the dirty shares of the banks that accepted laundering from the kingpins of the town. We had a villain stealing from other villains.We hesitated for a while to even go after him. But the guards who disappeared would have to be answered for. And the distractions he caused during his operations could one day end up hurting people, especially if we were not there.Dim Nohur had to be stopped.(edited for typos)