The person who asked me this question was none other than the morning star himself, Lucifer. He was dressed in a business suit with his hair drawn back in a neat fashion, making him look like the CEO of CEOs.Thankfully, both of us are in human forms in order to not scare anyone. I’m obviously wearing my GameStop uniform. My only complaint about it was it was a bit tight around my rather large and toned frame, and the short sleeves showed the bruises and scars I got from a fight earlier. My entire appearance contradicted his, with my messy hair compared to his neat one, and my rough appearance compared to his fragile one. The two of us look like exact opposites, but we know each other all too well.“So, War, why don’t you start the apocalypse with your brothers?” Questioned the devil, to which I just shook my head. “You four could possibly kick start a new era, one ruled with disease, war, hunger, and death!”“Well one big issue is the fact that we’re scattered all over the place.” I pointed out, whilst thinking of where my brothers are. “Pestilence is over in China, Famine is somewhere in Africa, and Death is in Australia.”“So, you four could just meet up and start the apocalypse itself.” Lucy whined, letting his hatred of humans get the better of him. “They’re just so rude.”“Look, I understand they’re the sole cause of your depression and all, but they’re quite interesting once you look at what they’ve made.” I remember that Gabriel told me about Lucy’s depression and what caused it.The source of his depression was actually humans. His self-esteem pretty much dropped when Jesus unintentionally made him the most hated man on the planet, even when he does help people, god gets all the credit while Lucy gets blamed for the disaster. Which was funny because the only disaster any of us caused was the Adam and Eve incident.“But they’re mean, I didn’t cause the Holocaust, I would never do that.” He then thought back to WW2, pissed at Hitler for killing all those people, even sending him to the 9th ring of hell for it. “They’re worse than us demons!”“I know, I know, you get blamed quite a bit for events like 9/11 and Tianamese Square.” I think back to those events and others like it, thankfully, god and Jesus made a solemn vow to let victims of such events into Heaven.“You do too, we demons get blamed from everything.” Complained the morning star, to which I just rolled my eyes. “Why can’t humans just acknowledge us as just minor deities at least?”“Hey, I’m not a demon, I’m the Horseman of War.” I corrected as I patted my acquaintance’s back in reassurance. “You care too much about what they think about you, does it have to do with the Adam and Eve incident?”“I knew the population would have eventually gone out of hand, and now they can go back at any time!” Justified Lucy, who then crossed his arms. “You honestly don’t think the entire population of the world would fit in Ethiopia alone do you?”“Nope, that’s why I’m here.” I walked away from the counter I once stood behind to put some games back in their original place. “Even though I haven’t partaken in a war in over 300 years.”“Really?” Wondered Lucy, surprised that I didn’t leap for joy the moment I heard of a new war. “Why is that?”“I don’t just represent the bloodshed, I also represent the honor and strength in a war.” I pointed out, summoning a pair of knights on the counter in front of Lucy as a demonstration. “The moment guns were invented, my other qualities went completely ignored and war was just boring with those boom sticks were invented.”“Why don’t you conquer this world, and take all their guns away so they’re resort to using swords again?” Questioned Lucy, just before I made the summoned knights disappear.“Tell me, what did you and god make humans to represent?” I questioned the devil, who looked at me confused. “We all have our representations; I represent war and honor, Pestilence represents disease and conquest, Famine represents hunger and desperation, Death represents dying and fear, Leviathan represents the sea, Behemoth represents the earth, Ziz represents the sky, and the three angels represent light and justice.”“So what do me, Jesus, and God represent?” He asks, to which I just smack my forehead against the wall.“You represent evil and destruction, god represents creation and order, and Jesus represents hope and life.” I remind my supposed ‘superior’. “So I’ll ask you again, what did you and god make humans represent?”“Uhhh…..” I can’t believe this, Lucifer is struggling to remember why he helped make humans. “They represent foolishness and violence.”In response to hearing this; I simply karate chopped him on the head. Not enough to hurt him, but enough to know that he’s wrong.“Humans represent choice, that’s why Eve CHOSE to take your apple?”“Yeah it was an apple.”“Thanks, anyways, that’s why Adam CHOOSE to eat the same apple.” I point out, reminding the morning star of humanity’s purpose. “Everything they did, they chose, choice is what humanity represents.”“Huh, thanks for reminding me.” Then Lucy begin walking to the door, he was about to open it before he stopped himself. “By the way, I nearly forgot why I came here.”I looked over and saw that he begun looking for something in the switch section, picking up a game and setting it on the counter. So I walked over to see what game he wanted.“One copy of Animal Crossing.” Lucifer requested, earning a slight sigh from me as I gave him what he wanted and he paid. “Thank you, and Donny forget if you wanna start WW3-““I’m not the one starting these wars!!” I correct, before Lucy stepped outside the store and disappeared without a trace.Yep, I’m the Horseman of War, but I know I’m more than that. I’m curious as to what humans will do next? Their planet is dying and very few are doing anything about it, will Jesus finally intervene like he promised long ago? I can’t wait to see what choice humans choose to make next.