Credits to u/Nethxther for the inspiration.“I know you’re all accustomed to living with vampires now. That wasn’t the case when all this started. At the beginning, we – the humans – were proud to think that we were the only intelligent species of this planet. We were proud to imagine that we might even be the only intelligent species of the galaxy.”“That was of course, until the virus outbreak. You all know what I’m talking about, I’m sure your parents have told you this story already. But we are not here to tell stories. We are here to tell History.”The students were listening carefully, mostly wondering what they would learn that hadn’t heard before.“A virus violently erupted, causing its victims to bleed unconditionally, leading to death in a few hours. The terrifying part was the fact that the virus usually took a few days to manifest in a host’s body. And it could be transmitted by any fluid produced by someone who was affected. At that time, you know that there were people all over the planet. We used planes, trains, boats to travel anywhere we wanted to in a few days.”“So, the whole pharmacy industry dedicated itself to developing a vaccine against this new, unknown pathogen. The principle of a vaccine is that you take the virus or disease you want to vaccine yourself against, you remove what makes it dangerous, and you inject the rest into yourself. This way, your immune system will start to defend your body, even against the dangerous parts of the virus. The thing is… The physicists managed to remove the part of the pathogen that made people bleed out. What they didn’t know, is that that bleeding was the only thing keeping the victims’ cells from breaking down exponentially. The infection caused their body to dry up and decompose, starting by their blood. And the body’s response to that was to eliminate the infected cells, leading to a deadly bleeding.”“What happened next was unprecedented in the history of mankind. Pride gave its place to humility in the face of extinction. In a universal effort of self-preservation, everyone united to distribute the vaccine to as many people as they could. Rich, poor. Young, old. Whatever continent you were from. If you were human, you would automatically qualify to receive this vaccine, free of charge. For the first time, man showed empathy to all. Alas, it was probably for the last time.”“A few days after the large distribution started, some people began to feel some side effects to the vaccine. They would feel the need to drink liters and gallons of water everyday, their thirst never ending. A few days more, and people would start eating anything to appease an insatiable hunger. After two weeks, we realized something was wrong. But it was too late.”“The people who had first been injected the vaccine had been completely dried out of their blood. All of their cells were damaged to the point that they had tried eating anything and everything to limit the damage. To no avail. The last thing they could try was… Well…”A shiver of disgust moved through the whole classroom, as they knew what to expect from my next words.“Human flesh. And surprisingly, it was the only thing that could satiate them. For a moment. But it was better, to them, than the endless pain they suffered everyday. The police force, even the armies were mobilized, but didn’t know how to respond. Their targets merely looked like slim freaky people. They couldn’t resolve to just kill millions of people. And this is how the world went from a place divided in hundreds of countries, people and ethnic groups, into this planet with only two belligerents: the Living, and the Killing.”I could now feel interrogation build up among my public.“Of course, that’s what we thought. A third party became known to us. Our group had succeeded in finding a safe place to harbor the Living who could make it there. But it was risky. We had no way of knowing if newcomers had the lethal vaccine in them, waiting to manifest itself. The more Living came to us, the more dangerous it became. When they revealed themselves to us, we thought ourselves doomed. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. They were of course, the Vampires.”“They came to us one night, and explained their whole situation to us. They had been living, hiding among us for millennia, adapting to our society as time passed. But in truth, they had not been hunting humans for a very long time. The vampires living today had even never seen a dead person, if not on a screen. In the middle ages, their ancestors had an idea when they saw that humans organized controlled bleeding, to try and cure some diseases. What if, instead of hunting and killing people, they could just convince us to help them? Aligning themselves with doctors during the ages, the vampires set in place a whole system, where a portion of the blood collected would be brought to them.”“They explained all that to us, to better introduce their situation. With this virus quickly depleting the human population, their own fate would be sealed with our demise. So, they proposed to open their doors to us, the Living. We would have access to their castles, to their fortresses, as long as we agreed to give out some of our blood to sustain them. We asked them if they couldn’t simply feed on animals. They answered, and I quote them, that even though they liked and laughed at the human’s depictions of vampires, especially those where they sparkle at the sun and feed on forest wildlife, in reality, they couldn’t live without human blood, just as much as we couldn’t live without water.”“So, as you all can see, we accepted their offer. Our home became more secure, they had better medical knowledge than we did, and all that allowed us to focus on what matters most: to ensure all the Living stay that way. Over the years, we learned to not only survive out there, but to also become more than prey. Some of us could start hunting on a few Killing, and bring them back to secure locations for further studying. And we’ve had some excellent news. Extended contact with the Killing virus has let us develop a natural immunity to it. And it is the strongest in you. Our younger generations. Our future.”The silence set in the classroom as everyone was weighing the burden of responsibility coming upon their shoulders. A single hand slowly rose up.“Mr James, I have a question?”“Yes, Tommy?”The teenager brought his hand down, looking confused.“Well… The vampires. They look stronger, smarter and more durable than us. How can we be sure that we can trust them?”I smiled. This was a good question.“How could the USSR know that they trusted the USA during the Cold War?”“Well, they didn’t, Sir. They just needed make sure that they would… not kill each other.”“Exactly.”I marked a pause.“Today, they need us, and we need them. In not so long, that will not be the case. Once we are certain that enough of us can’t be affected anymore, we’ll be able to get out there, and reclaim the land, bit by bit. When that time comes… We will no longer need the help of those who helped us in our moments of need. But will we continue helping them?”I took the time to look into the eyes of each and every single student sitting in front of me.“That… That will be your decision to make.”edited for typosMore mini stories at r/MimiStories