“So I assume you all read the briefing you got beforehand,” colonel Danvers said.Silence followed while half the room tried looking anywhere than at the colonel said enough.”God” the colonel whispered.”I am Colonel Danvers head of this research project, the project name is national strategic defense acceptability mutual survey group or Nostradamus in short.”From behind someone chuckledIgnoring this the colonel continued ” I remind you that this is of the highest clearance and everyone here knows what leaking any of this will entail. “The stern look he gave the room didn’t seem to impress anyone.”The goal of this group still is to see whether or not the so-called predictions made by the citizens we have labeled k9 have any validity” the colonel hand gesture towards my direction made anyone turn to me. It seems this did get their attention.”I will not go over the entire brief you should have read or your aids should have taken you trough but let’s just say some people found enough correlation that this warrants attention.””Now practically you are all heads of the different departments that have been working with all the data we have recovered”At this, I couldn’t help but look away, when they said all data they had tracked down his earlies drawings up until his most hidden porn stash and dumped this huge pile the be prodded and looked at.”So let us not waste any more time on this and let us get started, group 1″A quite handsome looking woman got up, quantum mechanics and math group a label read before her.”The simple answer is yes, from the age of 12 and up until 21 everything he wrote down has panned out, we found an universal equation for calculating the energy gradient, quantum entanglement theory and even a doodle with what seemed a slightly updated version to einsteins theory of relativity that just about plugs half the holes we have in other theories.”She looked around the table, “quite frankly we are overwhelmed we still have thousands of possibilities to look into and only a handful of people capable enough to understand what this is about, at this rate it will take centuries to go through all this””Furthermore our lack of access to k9 has severely hampered our efforts, we feel that the allotted 2 hours a day isn’t anywhere near enough””oh please,” a large African American in a sharp military costume said. ‘You get him more than any other group and still, it’s not enough, the tactical and defense group only had 15 minutes and the possibilities and implications are a lot more important than some math theory.”Social matters are the most important here”, an older woman said from the back of the table “have you looked outside, or out of your fancy cars when you get driven to the pentagon? Society is crumbling and some of the theories we have found we believe could radically change society. “He tried to hide, even more, he remembered the discussion he had with the social group, they had seemed to almost started to worship him and had dubbed his theories on society the 5th way of living and kaninism.”We simply need more them with Him” the emphasis on his name made him cringe and want him back in the cubicle they had stuffed in him, guarded 24/7.Several other groups jumped in each with their own list of demands on his time even the dreaded physical group.”PEOPLE” the colonel forcefully said about the noise.”let’s stop with the practicalities and continue ” He let his words linger until everyone had stopped talking.”SO now is there anyone who has found errors in any of the data points we have identified as theories “The silence stretched out as people simply shook their heads. As the colonel almost slumped in his chair the bickering started again. A small tug on his sleeve made him turn.The small women that stood next to him bend towards him and shoved a paper in his hand. It was a copy from a history test from when he was 14, the third question was circled in red.”Just tell me, if this is true what you wrote?”I just shrugged and said “I guess so, I mean as I said at all the others I always just wrote what I believed was correct””Colonel” her voice boomed out silencing the room.”We have a problem””Miss Martinez, As I said the history and geography group-“”No its outrages how you have treated us and kept up away from him but that is beside the issue here””Read the question,” she said to me.I cleared my throat “List the time periods for the US in the 20th and 21st century””And your answers” she kept looking at the colonel”Progressive Era 1890s–1920sJazz Age 1920s–1930sInformation Age (United States, 1970–2021 March 13 14:25:23Recovery age (United states 2021 to 2070s)”Why did you specify those last dates,” she said turning to meI shook my head “I don’t know probably as a joke you know the others are 20-30’s and this precise up to the minute””Do you have a point?” someone saidShe fumbled behind her and took a laptop, a grainy image of a rock was showing.”KV2 an asteroid destined to pass earth at a few million miles on March 13th, at a few km’s wide an impact would level a continent and at sea, it would be even worse”Silence followed.