“Drop the machete sir” I tell him as politely as I can which isn’t much considering that he’s holding a damn machete.”I can’t do that I’m sure you’ll call me crazy or something” The clearly crazy person spoke.”The hell this has to happen on my first day too” I quickly dialed the phone “We’ve got a code red , a strange man armed with a machete has entered the reception area he’s also covered in blood that may or may not belong to 17 victims””There weren’t any victims” the crazy man spoke.”I might be in danger of being his first victim” I took the tazer out from a hidden compartment in the desk.”Come on at least here me out” he stepped forward “I’m not here to cause trouble”I stepped back. Then dashed forward and hit him with the taser. He just stood there and took it.”What” I noticed the tazer wasn’t functioning “Fuck , at least there aren’t any patients around here” I said moving away immediately.”Just my luck” I spat , was this how I was going to die.’No I had one last option ,in my wallet’ I remembered.I put my hand in my back pocket. I fumbled around until I found the syringe.The man with a machete hadn’t moved much.”Peter” He said.”Who are you?” I said fearful. ‘Where’s security they should’ve been here by now ‘.”Its me Mike” he spoke.I looked at his face.”Wait the hospital director Mike, what are you doing here in that state?” I quickly tucked the syringe in, ‘if I had used it on him well the result wouldn’t have been pretty’.”Hehe, it’s just sort off a tradition with new hires” he straightened “I’m sorry if I scared you but I didn’t expect such a reaction. I had heard from one of the other doctors that horror was your favourite genre” he said apologetically.”Well it is but seeing things on a screen and in real life are completely different” I slumped to the ground.”Well your reaction was golden so I might as well give you a raise as compensation” he said.”Sure, Nice working with ya” I shook his hand.We both walked out of the venue laughing.’On second I should have just used the serum on him’ I thought ‘Well if he tries something like this again…well then it won’t be my fault’.