This is the story of how a simple girl named Trisha became a hero. The morning sun rose above the white sheets. An alarm called her to action, to face the next challenge waiting around the corner. And she jumped right into-My hand randomly moved around on my nightstand until it found the alarm clock. I hit it once and kept sleeping.The alarm sounded again, louder, called more urgently and Trisha did not wait for a second longer, but jumped out of bed to start her day full of energy.I pushed the button for the coffee machine and while I waited for my cup of energy, my eyes closed again, half asleep I waited.Trisha did not now yet, what was to come, the calm of the storm one might call it. As she left her house she didn’t bat an eye on the chaos surrounding her, as she marched towards her first quest.Heavy rain and wind hit me in the face and I gave up the fight with my umbrella. Soaking wet I arrived at the bus station. What a start.Trisha was always helping, anybody in need would not be ignored by her, a true sign of a hero.I gave the old lady in front of me a twenty pence coin, so she could pay her ticket and I could finally enter the warmth of the bus.Trisha of course had no such thoughts, she only had the best for the old lady in mind.”I did not. Stop twisting all my actions.”Trisha did-“And stop talking in third person, freaking stalker, I will not become the hero of your story. Give me an unimportant role, or no role at all. Just let me be one of those smudges on a page that you can’t get rid of.”SUDDENLY THE BUS STOPPED. TRISHA LOOKED OUT OF THE WINDOW AND SAW A CAR DRIVING TOWARDS THEM OUT OF CONTROL.”Just because you shout doesn’t mean you are more right.” However, I looked out of the window and there was indeed a car. “Okay, shouting does seem to have its affects. Just let me die then, I can take another less important role, in another book.”Trisha moved by instinct. She jumped up and threw herself towards one of the windows. A power surged through her body, that she had never felt before.”I do not have such instincts, no normal human does. How am I supposed to act this out? Glass everywhere? I will be sliced cheese.” I felt heat rising through my body.In the future people would call this the awakening of THT. The hero Trisha.”WHAT’S WITH THAT SHITTY NICKNAME?!” I shouted while throwing myself through a glass window without getting a scratch. Quite handy that power actually.THT put all her power into her legs and arms. Facing the car, she prepared for the impact.”Don’t you dare, repeating the nickname does NOT make it better.” I said, while my body obeyed the voice’s commands.The car hit Trisha, but due to her superstrength, she didn’t move an inch. Instead the car’s front got crushed by her hands.I stared at my hands thinking that this superpower thing was actually pretty nice. I looked around me. People took a baby and a women out of the crashed car, both alive and well. The old lady from earlier came up to me. “You are a hero young lady, never in my life have I seen such bravery. Where did you get the courage from?”Trisha couldn’t bring herself to tell the old lady that a voice in her head had commanded her. The lady clapped her hands and others joined, the saved woman hugged her in tears. It was that moment, surrounded by cheers, that Trisha realized she was the one to tell her own story.