[WP] You’ve succumbed to the embrace of death, having lived a valiant life as a knight. However, Death claims that he isn’t bringing you to the afterlife, but in fact is hiring you on as some extra muscle.I try to write one story here a day, just before bed. I submit whatever I have written when it’s time to sleep, no matter how complete it is. On my subreddit, it is possible to see if I missed a day, and you have my permission to get all up in my grill about my inconsistency.Visit: r/ImSlowlyImprovingMore Deaths Now That He’s ReadyBy Zachary HebertDeath has been planning for some time. Now is the time for action. Mysterious doppelgangers have been roaming, apparently manufacturing omens upon people. These omens outline exactly how people will die…and more people are dying because of them. Sometimes, people resist. This is when strong, skilled, fighter doppelgangers approach and force the people into submission. Death has sinister ambitions that are about to come into fruition.Gregory, a burly man, and Fellan, a scrawny man, sit on a supply crate. Gregory says, “Hey, how many years do you have left, again?”“374. Yes, I’m counting.”“Do you ever want to give up? Like never make it to the afterlife?”“Hell no, this work isn’t too bad, I don’t mind being evil like this anymore.”“Hmm,” Gregory ponders, “I guess you’re right. Who is next?”Sir Max awakens from his sick-bed. All the pains of his disease are gone. The world is cold, whispering. Off of every object in the room are tiny, ghostly, and torn tapestries that wave in the wind. This is not the world he is used to. This must be the realm of Death. He can sense faint traces of his family moving about the room, and he can feel the grieving from these souls. But they are not really visible. The only living thing in the room that is visible is a white rabbit, staring at Max. Once their eyes meet, the rabbit turns and hops through the doorway into the world outside. Max can’t help himself but to follow.The rabbit hops up a hill and disappears over the crest. In its stead, Death walks into view. So the stories are true, it’s the Grim Reaper. This is my time to shine. Death can be defeated and that is the ultimate achievement.Max is sure to hide his intentions when he confronts death.Death says, “You cannot defeat me, Max”Dammit, I can’t even think for myself. “Well then I’ll openly tell you that I’ll find a way, right now. I shall leave a legacy behind when I go into the afterlife. Now face my—““You are not going to the afterlife, anyways.”Max puts all his plans on pause. “Wait, what?”“I’m offering you a choice. Either get sent back into the mortal realm as a copy of your old self, and then do my bidding, or cease to exist forever.”“Or kill you.”“Fine…you have plenty of chances to kill me if you work for me.”“You’re going to make me do horrible things to others, aren’t you.”“That is the choice you are faced with.”“I’ll get to you soon, just you wait. I will repent for my future sins by slaying the supreme being of evil! But I cannot bear to sin in the first place. Maybe the afterlife isn’t worth committing atrocities in the mortal world.”“What would you have me do if I accept?”“You were a knight, privileged to learn how to overpower any foe. Plus, you are quite familiar with social and conversational skills. You will need to intimidate mortals into accepting the omens placed on them. The omens only have power if the mortals believe them.”“I can always change my mind, right?”“Yes.”“Then I guess I will give it a try.”“Great, let’s get started. Your team is waiting in the forest, follow me.”They arrive to a clearing and Death says, “This is your trainer, Gregory. He will be teaching you how to collect souls.”Gregory says, “So, you are another one of us minions forced to do Death’s will. Well, no time to waste. Follow me.” He starts walking over to another minion that is reading a piece of paper. “Fellan, this is…uh, what’s your name?”“Max”“—Max! This is Max.”Fellan looks up from his paper, “Huh.”“Fellan here has just been tasked with conjuring omens onto a target. We have been told that this particular target is likely to resist, so we will tag along.”“Alright, lets go. Our miss is a servant of the King. My omen is that she’ll be recruited to spy on the second daughter of the King, and that will lead to dire trouble.”They travel to the palace. The servant’s quarters are not guarded. When they approach the target, she screams at them, “No! No! We do not need any more wanderers fucking up our chores. We don’t want you. Go! Go!”Fellan gets right into business, “If you are to be shown the sign of a crow upon a pumpkin, this fortune will hold true. By the third moon of next month, you will be approached by the local master of intrigue. A task will be appointed upon you which will put you in great danger. You will die of a slit throat. Now look to the storage and see if this sign is bestowed upon you.”She says, “Fuck off, I don’t need any mysticism. Just to spite you, I’ll avoid going into the storage.”Gregory says to Max, “Okay now this is where you come in. Go ahead and schmooze her. Get her to go into storage.”She says, “Oh, you think you can threaten me? I’ll have you know that I am acquainted with street rats and criminals that will kill you in your sleep.”Fellan chuckles, “Death acts as transportation for us as we will respawn.”She says, “Weirdo.”Max steps in, “Miss. We are a part of a traveling gypsy caravan that will stay here for awhile. We will hound you over and over again until you go into the storage. And every time you receive a greater consequence. This time, I will threaten you with your life, and we do not care about your retaliation. Next time, we will threaten you with your family’s lives.” He steps up to her, “Just check the fucking storage.”She stares at Max with her mouth open agape. She then looks genuinely worried. She says, “I suppose going into the storage won’t be a big deal.” After some hesitation, she turns and walks into the storage. Next they hear a terrible scream. She runs outside in tears. “Please! What should I do? I mean, I can just not accept the task from the master of intrigue.”“The fact that you will be asked to complete the task puts you in danger. It is too late for you. Count down the hours until your death.”