(Established universe)I had been so careful as I pored the molten silver into the circle, sanding it down, buffing it, inscribing it. It was inside a second circle of cast iron. I needed this to work, humans were not getting things done. I had one soul to trade for two tasks. Put out a fire, and a life. The smoke inside the circle was coalescing, and there was a pop inside the circle and from upstairs. Odd.Black smoke billowed out followed by coughing, the smoke rose slowly to the rafters, revealing … Pink hello kitty slippers. Fuzzy pink pajama pants, and…..”Honey?” My wife, my best friend, was standing there with a cereal bowl in her hand eating Captain Crunch.”Aw Fuck,” she muttered, stepping back.”I can explain,” I started, thinking some of her hair must have been in one of the herb bundles.She ran into the edge of the summoning circle hard, spilling milk onto the floor, There was a spark and the smell of burnt flesh, she grimaced. I couldn’t explain that. I sat down hard.She glared at me,”I guess we have lot to talk about, don’t we?””Oh, bother,”I said, understatement being a fine art. I went over to the tool closet to get the splitting axe. She looked a little perturbed.”Take a step back Hon, I don’t know when the circle will run out of juice, breaking it early will be….messy. You could have told me earlier.” I swung the axe cracking the cast iron circle,energy like lightning discharged but didn’t travel up the fiberglass haft.”One more,” I said as I swung hard into the silver, gashing it and breaking the circle. The discharge this time vaporized the head and melted the last foot of the haft. There was a ringing in my ears as my wife streamed out of the circle, the liquid grace of her motion more apparently inhuman than normal, unrestrained.She caught me just before I landed unceremoniously on my ass.”Be careful Love, raising the dead is a lot of work. And parts might start to fall off, kinda important ones.” She was rather stunning with the candle light gleaming off her back swept crimson horns. I looked back to see a pickaxe had fallen over from where i got the now defunct splitting axe out.”That could have been bad. Nice horns, they look nothing like the ones you picked for Halloween last year, that’s a surprise.” She snorted and began to chuckle.”Nothing phases you,”she said.”Not true, now I’m wondering if life could have been…. Different if I had known from the start,”I muttered. There was a crash from the cellar door. She dropped me to the floor where I scurried back to the tool closet.”Oh by the 9 Hells, not right now you assholes,” she spat looking at the intruders who had burst in on us. There was a tall figure wearing black coat over silvery mail and tugging on a helm, and a quick little dark blur that I almost entirely missed.”Oh Divine lord, I beseech thee for Protection from evil,” intoned a feminine voice that had to be a paladin come after my wife.While I would have payed good money to see a cat fight between my freshly revealed demon wife and this flat busted warrior of some god that actually gave a shit, my love had turned to deal with the flickering shadow that now wielded a white flaming dagger. That couldn’t be good for a demon. Of course neither was the mace A-cup warrior of whoever was about to swat my wife in the back of the head with. If only D&D Paladins would use such tactics.I scooped up a 16 pound sledge as I got back to my feet, lightly sailing a strike from behind to catch the mace and the side of her helm right below the ear. She collapsed like a sack of potatoes. Apparently I was at least neutral, or married to evil didn’t count as being evil.”Honey?”My lovely demon wife had snatched the cloaked halfling up by his neck and was shaking him like a dirty handkerchief. He dropped the dagger and by the white light I watched his skin turn rough and grey. She set him down with a clink of stone on cement.”Long story short, I was a Demon Lord in a different reality, I got tired of it, I came here, and then you happened. I promised myself I would get you whatever you wanted for your birthday. Then you asked me to marry you. That was complicated and unexpected and scary, and I loved every minute of it since. But the hero’s from the other world found me, these will only be the first,”she sounded like there might soon be tears.I dropped the sledge on to A-cup’s helmet one more time for good measure, then then walked over to my wife who was studiously trying to look like she was trying to figure out what to do with that flaming dagger while not making eye contact with me anymore.I leaned down and picked up the dagger,”flame off,” I said, willing a little of the talent I had been discovering ever since our wedding night. The magic in the dagger obliged, and flame flickered out.”Accidental warlock, contractually bound to a demon,” I said, amusement heavy in my voice.”Oh shit, but I didn’t steal your soul. ” She looked mortified.”Nope, I gave it to you. So what now?”